Addictions Support & Integrated Health

Building partnerships and coordinating services for our clients is a vital component of client care. Our Integrated Health Care Model provides clients with support from in-house nursing staff including primary care, mental health support, assessments and medication management.

Nursing staff work across programs with clients to assess their primary health care needs and manage any non-emergent issues.

In areas like our detoxification program having access to a nurse becomes essential in helping to create a priority diagnosis as well as creating assessable outcomes for the client, goals for the clients, and develop strategic options for clients to achieve their outcome goals.

Chemical Detoxification Units

Our Detoxification Unit supported 891 men and 786 women in 2016, assisting people on their journey to reduce harm or move towards lasting recovery.

The primary purpose of our two facilities is to help clients create attainable goals including stabilization and decreased risk, accessing longer treatment programs, managing stressful life issues and processing previous traumatic events.

Both sites provide 24-hour support in a safe and stable environment at no cost. Individuals must be assessed by our primary health care provided prior to admission however we are working continuously on our intake process to decrease barriers for those in need of our services.

Staff do regular check-ins with clients regarding their plans, goals and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and create individualized detox care plans to support and guide individual recovery – whether it is reducing the harm they may experience from their drug of choice or continuing treatment if abstinence is their goal.

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