Carfentanil has been found in counterfeit oxycodone tablets in Winnipeg with the markings CDN and 80. This substance is a new form that individuals may be unaware they are consuming.

If you use drugs:

  • Test your drugs by doing a smaller than usual test amount first
  • Use a less direct route of consumption (e.g. ingest or place on mucous membrane rather than inject)
  • Access naloxone and overdose response training before using – bring a friend for training
  • The amount of naloxone in a take-home kit may not be enough to reverse very powerful overdoses, such as those caused by carfentanil or fentanyl
  • Use one drug at a time
  • If you mix drugs, reduce the amount of each drug you take and use opioids before benzos or alcohol
  • Wait before taking another dose – some drugs take longer to take effect
  • Do not use drugs alone or behind a locked door
  • Let people around you know what you are taking

There are nine sites in the province that provide free take-home naloxone kits and training to people at risk of opioid overdose (Main Street Project is one of the sites). See for site map.

There are many community pharmacies where naloxone kits and training can be purchased. See for more information.

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