What is your name and position at Main Street Project?
Jacob Kaufman, Peer Advocate.

How have things changed in your role since COVID-19.
I worry a lot more about the amazing community that I work for. Because the malls and libraries have closed, they are now more limited to where they can go. Our jobs as front line workers are changing daily and hourly, too, and sometimes by the minute, to help protect the community we help.

What is something you wish people understood about Main Street Project and the community that we serve?
That nobody is hopeless. Every person that I work for has a path, it just takes a little longer for some people to find their own way down the path. Take a minute when you walk by someone asking for something. Get to know them. Your kindness may help them down the path.

What is your favourite thing about working at Main Street Project?
Just hearing someone say thank you.

What is something nice that’s happened to you at work recently?
Aside from the new shelter we just opened, the look on our community members’ faces when they found out they don’t have to sleep on mats anymore because the new shelter has cots to sleep on. Also all the people stepping up and donating masks, food and other supplies that the people we serve need.

Feel free to include other comments and info you’d like to share.
Treat people like people!!!!

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