1. What is your name and position at MSP?
Makayla, support worker in the shelter.

2. How have things changed in your role since COVID-19?
I go home every day exhausted physically/mentally! I’m helping an increased amount of people, because resources are closed. Plus doing extra cleaning and practices to keep COVID-19 from spreading, encouraging community members to do so as well. Because MSP took initiative and opened up more shelter room and a quarantine, we’ve all been doing our part to make sure to get it up and running. Lots of staff have to quarantine, which leaves us short staffed. All of these have been factors in how my role has changed since COVID-19 started. We are all exhausted!

3. What is something you wish people understood about MSP and the community that we serve?
Please remember the less fortunate and homeless in pandemics! We serve a huge vulnerable population with limited places to go, and limited resources; now it’s even less than before! It’s leaving people hungry, cold/hot and feeling frustrated and hopeless.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at MSP?
My eyes have really opened up to things I had no idea about. I always tell people to educate themselves, because people are afraid of the unknown. MSP meets people where they are at, and that is in the unknown; we aren’t afraid of the unknown.

5. What is something nice that’s happened to you at work recently?
A community member donated 2 pots, soil, and seeds(Tiny bookshelf sized); she challenged staff to grow some plants. So I planted the seeds and have been watering them every day. It’s something beautiful in this chaos and I love it.

6. Feel free to include other comments and info you’d like to share!
I want to take time to thank all the front line workers who are busy at work. It’s hard and frustrating, but you are super appreciated. Thank you so much!

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