What is your name and position at MSP
My name is Sheena. I’ve been at Main Street Project since 2015 and work mostly in Shelter and Protective Care.

How have things changed in your role since COVID-19?
Changing how I interact with everyone – maintaining physical distancing is not something that many of us were used to before COVID-19.  Another change has been moving the shelter from one small space to three spaces and now to one huge space! It’s incredible, but a big adjustment for staff and the people that use our services.

What is something you wish people understood about MSP and the community that we serve?
That it really is a community, a family. I wish more people understood how much this community can teach them. Everyone has something important to contribute. Everyone deserves to feel safe and cared for.

What is your favorite thing about working at MSP?\
The close relationships that I’ve built with community members and coworkers. 

What is something nice that happened to you at work recently?
Watching staff pull together to ensure that the people who depend on our Emergency Shelter had a safe place to sleep – many staff put in extra hours in unfamiliar environments to make it happen. Lots of training new staff and just making things work!

Feel free to include other comments and info that you’d like to share.
Shout out to everyone in Winnipeg who supports MSP. We are tired but thankful!

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