MSP + Parlour Coffee

Early in 2018, we were contacted by Parlour Coffee, a café located in our neighbourhood, about the potential to work together for the year. The shop had experienced a break in, and Parlour wanted to do something to help community members who may find themselves in a desperate situation where they feel they may need to rob a store.

Starting February 1 until the end of 2018, Parlour Coffee is partnering with Main Street Project by donating 1% of their sales for the year, as well as using their social media platform to help increase awareness of MSP. They will also do monthly donations drives at their shop, starting with underwear for the month of March.

“We will probably never know who broke in, and we can’t presume to understand anything of the life they have had. However, we do believe that they were in need; that a desperate situation led to their actions, and that they are therefore deserving of our compassion, and nothing less. We have to care more about the person or people who did this, than we do about the money we lost. We are taking some steps towards an attempt to effect some positive change for those that face similarly desperate situations. We felt that one way to make this attempt was to partner with an organization that makes it their mission to serve the most vulnerable members of our community. Therefore we are partnering with Main Street Project. We are excited and humbled by this partnership. We acknowledge the privilege of being able to give, and we do not pretend to understand the depths of the difficulties that many members of our community face. We have much to learn, and there is much work to be done.”

Since our this wonderful partnership began, Parlour has collected 74 pairs of socks, 158 pairs of underwear, 738 packages of tea, 39 toothbrushes, 31 tubes of toothpaste, and 86 bottles of water.

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