Main Street Project is so thrilled to announce its fourth annual Socktober campaign.

 In anticipation of the coming winter months, we are asking for help in collecting 20,000 pairs of new donated socks during the month of October so that we can keep lots of pairs of feet dry, warm and healthy. (We are not accepting any used socks this year)

We have many different kinds of sock needs here at Main Street Project. From folks coming into Protective Care with nothing on their feet at all to our shelter community members needing a new pair of dry socks to people living in transitional housing needing new socks, we cover a wide range of needs of those we serve. People experiencing homelessness are at risk of developing serious feet health issues including infections, ulcers, ingrown toenails, and nerve damage due to diabetes. Being exposed to the elements can cause frostbite. In severe cases, foot health issues can lead to serious illness and amputation.

Many of the folks we see at MSP spend a lot of time on their feet, often walking several hours a day in ill-fitting shoes and they often don’t have access to a shower to clean their feet with the opportunity to change into clean dry socks. We want to do everything we can to help keep these folks healthy over the coming winter months by being able to provide clean dry socks.

How you can help

You can help us keep many pairs of feet warm, dry and healthy this winter by donating new socks. Try any of the following:

Socktober Poster

Download a Socktober poster to put up at your school or workplace

How to participate

Please email to register for Socktober as a participating school, business or a local sock drop off point

Sock Donation Drop-off at MSP

Our donations centre is open:
Monday: noon-3pm
Wednesday: 9am-noon
Thursday: 11am-2pm

Please come to 75 Martha in the courtyard area during these hours, call 204-612-8274 and a volunteer will come to assist you with your donations. Please note that there will not be a volunteer onsite to help accept donations outside of these hours

Here is a list of local sock drop off points around the city of Winnipeg where you can drop off socks:

Business Addresses:

Coming soon…

Residential Addresses:
Coming soon…

The sock drop off location list will be updated as new locations sign up. We are looking forward to another successful Socktober campaign!

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