Jennifer Chartrand holding her Just the Goods gift package for travelling the most kilometres for Into the Cold!

Early in March, Jennifer Chartrand (Jenn), who is a Skabe at Main Street Project, was presented with an invitation to participate in our “Into the Cold” campaign with her team, Walking with Love and Kindness. Their mission was simple, to walk every single day from March 1st to March 31st, and the team achieved this incredible feat by walking over 320 kilometers. Jenn is personally responsible for walking the most kilometres out of anyone who participated!

When asked about her passion for walking, Jenn expressed, “I’d rather walk than bus, because walking is naturally my thing.” Her statement speaks volumes about her commitment to the cause and highlights her enthusiasm for walking as a means of achieving their shared mission.

Every morning, Jenn on her walked from her home to the bus stop, turning on the Strava app to tracked her distance covered. She made it a point to record her walks at lunchtime and after work, and her dedication is evident in her record of progress throughout the day. Jenn’s passion for walking and her desire to make a positive impact on society motivated her to participate in this campaign, and she eagerly accepted the challenge. 

Jenn’s drive and determination were evident when she shared, “When I got invited to do this, I was telling myself, ‘I’m going to win this.'” 

We are grateful to have had Jenn and her team join us in our mission to assist individuals experiencing homelessness and addiction. Her unwavering commitment and determination to walk every day for a month is truly inspiring, and it exemplifies the spirit of our campaign. Jenn’s efforts are a testament to the power of determination, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have had her as a participant. Thank you, Jenn, for your exceptional contribution to our cause!

Alice Ramsay holding her Canadian Footwear Giftcard for raising the most money for Into the Cold!

In March of 2021, Alice Ramsay, 45, pledged to walk 400 kilometres in 31 days to support our Into the Cold campaign. Her motivation for joining the initiative was twofold; she sought to accomplish a personal achievement and to aid in raising funds for frontline services that assist those experiencing homelessness and addiction.

Two years prior, on the final day of the Into the Cold campaign, Alice had 25 kilometres left to achieve her goal. She took on the challenge with her husband, embarking on an all-day walk that led them to popular Winnipeg landmarks such as Assiniboine Park and The Forks.

Reflecting on her experience, Alice recalled, “It was a silly amount of hours, and it was this awful, sleety, snowy day, but we did it, and I got my 400. I think I actually got 402 km. That was my final total.” Alice’s persistence demonstrates her commitment to achieving her goals. 

This year, Alice teamed up with four friends to participate in the third annual Into the Cold campaign. She raised the most funds for the cause by walking at least seven kilometres every day to and from work. Additionally, she made a conscious effort to walk to appointments and run errands to ensure she hit her target.

Alice’s commitment to supporting marginalized individuals stems from her daily interactions within her community. As she explains, “I live and work in the core of Winnipeg, so there’s no question I see first-hand the people MSP is serving. It’s part of my daily life. So, I really understand the importance of supporting local non-profits like Main Street Project.” Her understanding of the struggles faced by those in her community reinforces her desire to support organizations that provide essential services to those in need. Alice’s perspective is a reminder that a commitment to community starts with acknowledging and understanding the experiences of those around us.

Alice’s dedication to physical activity and her desire to support marginalized community members are truly commendable. The organizers of the Into the Cold campaign are grateful for her efforts and thank her for being an inspiring participant in their initiative.

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