Support Main Street Project

It’s a common misconception that providing help to the homeless means providing a handout. In reality, supporting the homeless community through Main Street Project means fostering change – not giving it away.

We believe it takes a community to hold society’s most vulnerable and help them  find solid ground. To that end, your support is applied directly to the programs and services that make change possible for our clients and guide them along a path to recovery, rehabilitation and relocation.

Everything we do is centred around the Housing First philosophy: the idea that an individual who has a home is less likely to engage in self-destructive behaviours and more likely to make positive choices that support stability.

This means every donation that comes through our doors – whether it’s  financial or tangible like socks, clothes or food – ultimately supports community and individual stability.

In 2015 our donors allowed us to:

  • Provide a safe place for some 11,000 people to recover from intoxication
  • Support 778 men and 656 women on their journey to reduce harm caused by substance use and move toward lasting recovery
  • Put a temporary roof over 29,200 heads in our shelter (80 full mats each night of the year)
  • Serve more than 250 meals each day prepared using over 50,000 lbs. of food donated by Winnipeg Harvest

And the buck doesn’t stop there. We don’t often think about how the little things can make a big difference, but in our case they truly do.