How Your Donation Helps

Here’s three examples of how little things make a big impact at Main Street Project:


shutterstock_404017156Socks are something many of us take for granted. But for a homeless person a pair – no matter they wooly, sporty or dress – can mean the difference between life and death.

When we think of socks, we don’t often think of the consequences of not wearing them ... especially not in conjunction with the physically taxing act of walking the street day in and out.

Yet each day an overwhelming number of patrons come into Main Street Project with foot problems ranging from minor to life threatening. And the majority of these issues could often have been prevented if only socks had shielded the feet in question.

Many members of our community are diabetic, which puts their feet at a heightened risk for issues like ulcers, blisters and abscesses. Couple that with dirt, glass and other hazardous materials wandering feet may come in contact with and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Hot Meals

shutterstock_139726333Did you know $10 a day feeds one of our patrons three meals?

That’s a lot of bang for your buck – but the power of just a few dollars or cents isn’t often something donors think about.

We as a society also don’t often think about the power of a hot meal, but for a homeless individual it can be life changing.

Coming indoors, eating a nutritious, wholesome meal and not having to forage for scraps warms the soul and  lls the belly – and it also makes life seem just a little more normal for the few moments spent as part of a family gathered around a table.

A large portion of funds raised throughout the year goes towards Main Street Project’s food programs but we also rely on donations of non-perishable foods dropped off at our main site and hot meals brought into the shelter by generous home cooks.

Soul food is a real thing here – and we always welcome those willing to feed it.

A Haircut

13435402_1168562039855332_6283610778260544660_nIt’s hard to believe a haircut can save a life ... but that’s the case for many of our clients.

The grooming ritual isn’t something that jumps to mind when one thinks of supporting the homeless population but it’s an invaluable luxury with the potential for big consequences if left undone.

Shaggy heads of hair are breeding grounds for lice and other pests, and – while the bugs may be nothing more than an inconvenience for the majority of the population – homeless people are largely inadmissible to shelters and communal housing during a personal infestation.

This leaves them on the literal street for nights at a time without the resources or knowledge to combat the problem and vulnerable to crime, violence and the elements.

As often as we can, we hire professionals to provide free haircuts to our community and donor dollars support the program.

Not only does the service leave individuals clean and tidy, it also leaves many with a heightened sense of self-worth and humanity.

And that’s something we all deserve.