With temperatures dipping this is a timely reminder of the Winter Weather Response Plan, a homelessness-centered plan that includes information and resources for preventing and responding to cold weather illness and injury and the different responses and opportunities for Winnipeggers to support folks during the coldest days and nights. 

The Plan, launched last week, was created by End Homelessness Winnipeg’s Extreme Weather Response Committee, which includes representatives from emergency shelters, community organizations, City of Winnipeg departments, health care, government and philanthropic funders, and Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

The Plan is a resource to keep Winnipeggers safer during hazardous winter weather, with a special focus on those who experience homelessness and can be at greater risk of exposure due to spending long periods of time outdoors. The Plan offers information on winter weather hazards, prevention and response information for cold weather injuries and illnesses, as well as resources available in the community for those seeking shelter and assistance with basic needs. 

This year’s response includes:

  1. A winter response fund to allow community organizations that provide emergency weather services to support short-term responses on the coldest days of the winter.
  2. An additional outreach van on the road 24/7 through the winter months to respond to wellness checks on individuals in the community, provide cold weather transports, and more.
  3. Community Care Camps will be pop-up camps led by Sabe Peace walkers to support outdoor warming options during periods of extreme cold.

We also know that all the organizations involved in this plan have needs for winter gear, coats, gloves, and hats, so if you can, please donate!

For more information or to download the Plan, visit: https://endhomelessnesswinnipeg.ca/services-supports/

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