Main Street Project is a Community Health Centre located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1972 we’ve served the needs of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable residents and have always worked towards helping our community find its collective footing.

We recognize the importance of a solid foundation, both in the community and on an individual level, and we work hard to build strength on both large and small scales. We help our community as a whole by providing safe spaces and essentials of life and also work with each individual involved in our organization to build personal stability.

This stability is developed in steps and – though the journey looks different for each who embarks on it– ultimately comes down to one common goal: making positive changes so we can all live, work and play in a healthy community.

The programs and services we offer – from basic food and shelter to crisis support to transitional housing
– are built on a foundation of mutual respect and compassion. We work with the housing-first philosophy: that people are better able to make positive life choices and move forward if they are first housed.

Our 110-person Main Street Project team welcomes the community with open arms and without judgement, then works together to build a better future.

We hold the community in our collective hands and also all hold pieces of the community’s successes.

The general brochure outlines the services offered by Main Street Project, with contact information for those who may need to access services.

We also have a How You Can Help brochure that outlines many different ways you can help Main Street Project, such as donating, fundraising, volunteering, or holding a donation drive.

Our Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles:

Main Street Project provides a safe place of respite, shelter and support, with dignity and without judgment to individuals in our community experiencing homelessness and addiction. We advocate for a more inclusive society and assist marginalized individuals in making real choices in their lives.

Our vision is that every individual has a safe place to be and the right to self-determination.

We help hold communities by supporting people living with addictions, chronic and acute illness, housing and mental health issues – our guiding principles. By addressing these principles in each individual journey, we contribute to the overall quality of life of our community members.

At a Glance

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Bell Hotel Residence Low-Barrier Clients

Mainstay Residence Complex Transition Clients

Essentials Food Bank Registered Clients

Van Patrol/Voluntary Transport Clients Per Night

Support Main Street Project

Monetary donations help us provide the ongoing services and supports our clients need and deserve. We are a registered charitable organization and offer charitable tax receipts for financial donations.

Main Street Project is a registered Canadian Charity • Charitable registration # 107655094 RR0001.

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