Our Team

We wouldn't be able to build stability within our community without the efforts of our team, our dedicated volunteers, or our Board of Directors. From Crisis Workers to Transition Service Workers, and Gap Workers to paramedics, it takes every one of us working together to keep the wheels moving at Main Street Project.

Find out how each of these roles plays a key part in our programs and services. 


Rick Lees, B.Sc., M.A. - Executive Director
Phone: 204-982-8244
Email: rlees@mainstreetproject.ca

Adrienne Dudek - Director of Supportive and Transitional Housing
Phone: 204-982-8264
Email: adudek@mainstreetproject.ca

Tahl P. East, BEd, ACSW - Director of Detoxification and Stabilization
Phone: 204-982-8226
Email: teast@mainstreetproject.ca

Joy R. Valencerina, B.A., CPA, CGA - Director of Finance and Accounting
Phone: 204-982-8255
Email: jvalencerina@mainstreetproject.ca


Pearl Kavanagh-Stoesz – Human Resource Specialist
Phone: 204-982-8225
Email: PKavanaghstoesz@mainstreetproject.ca

Samantha Easter - Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 204-982-8265
Email: seaster@mainstreetproject.ca

Cindy Titus - Communications/Fund Development Coordinator
Phone: 204-982-8257
Email: ctitus@mainstreetproject.ca

Jenn Paraiso - Volunteer/Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 204-982-8242
Email: JParaiso@mainstreetproject.ca

Al Foster - Stakeholder Relations & Fundraising Coordinator
Phone: 204-982-8228
Email: afoster@mainstreetproject.ca

Brian Talling - Essentials Market Coordinator
Phone: 204-232-8267
Email: btalling@mainstreetproject.ca 

Dawn Cumming - Casework Coordinator
Phone: 204-982-8224
Email: dcumming@mainstreetproject.ca

Alan Noakes - Facilities and Maintenance Coordinator
Phone: 204-792-6447
Email: anoakes@mainstreetproject.ca

Phil Goss - Peer Advocate
Phone: 204-791-1338
Email: pgoss@mainstreetproject.ca

Doug Tyre – Supervisor of Food and Nutritional Services

Meiresha Floralde, B.S.A. – Finance and Accounting Coordinator

Board of Directors

Cam Baldwin – President

Shelly Smith – Vice President

Lorie English – Secretary

Vince Warden – Treasurer

Dr. Ginette Poulin – Director

Dr. Nichole Riese  – Director

Thomas Becker - Director

Jordan Farber - Director

Lianne Pereux - Director

Ron Evans - Director

Angelina Pelletier - Director

Dave Dalal - Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) Liaison

Ryan Sneath - Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic (WFPS) Liaison