Programs & Services: Housing First

Even though some view us as a homeless shelter, Main Street Project feeds all kinds of needs – from body and mind to shelter and long-term care. We help hold communities by supporting addictions, chronic and acute illness, housing and mental health issues. By addressing these principles in

each person’s journey, we remain committed to contributing to the overall quality of life and highest standards of care for those who access our resources on a short term or ongoing basis.

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Everything we do centres around the Housing First philosophy, which presumes people are better able to make positive life choices and move forward if they are  first housed.

We focus on meeting our clients where they are today and working with them to build stability in their lives – whatever that looks like right now – so they can live healthier lives.

We operate on a foundation of mutual respect, compassion for others without judgement and deliver programs and services under two main categories: housing programs and street-level services.

We are ultimately here to help make sure no person is alone in their time of need.

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