Donations in Your Will

Donations in Your Will

Remembering Main Street Project in your will is an act that is generous, powerful, and surprisingly simple. It allows you to leave a larger gift than would be possible during your lifetime. 

The decision to leave a gift to Main Street Project in your will may take place at any stage of your life. Any time is the right time. This is when it matters most.  

Main Street Project is realizing its 50th anniversary of service. We have been a mainstay in the community throughout our history, augmenting and growing our services based upon community needs. We meet marginalized people wherever they are at literally and circumstantially. Donors like you help us provide the programs that serve people without judgment, meet immediate needs, and provide hope so that people can realize a self-determined version of who they are and who they want to be. It is our privilege to serve others, not their privilege to be served by us. 

You have the ability to serve alongside us through a planned gift in your will.  

While our programs and services have evolved, and the population of people we serve has expanded in diversity and volume, the core of our existence remains strong. We are a harm reducing, multi-service agency and we are proud of the many lives we have had the honour to positively impact and are humbled to have provided witness to the resiliency and strengths of thousands of people in need. We don’t see homelessness, substance use or mental illness as a problem to be solved; we see people with potential. 

Official Name: Main Street Project Inc.  
Charitable registration number:#107655094 RR0001  
Address: 661 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1E3 

Donations To Charity Can Also Be Structured In Many Different Ways: 

Residual Bequest: A gift of all or a percentage of whatever remains after all taxes, liabilities, administrative expenses and specific bequests have been paid. The greatest advantage of this bequest is that, as your estate increases or decreases in value over time, your donation changes in the same way. 

Specific Bequest: Main Street Project Inc. receives a set amount of money or a percentage of the value of the estate. 

Contingent Bequest: Your donation is modified or takes effect based on circumstances. For example, you direct Main Street Project Inc. to receive a portion of your estate if other beneficiaries do not survive you.  

Be sure to inform us of your bequest and your wishes. It will give us the opportunity to thank you and, more importantly, to discuss what you hope your gift will help to accomplish. Of course, we will respect your privacy and confidentiality.  

For information about planned gift in will, please contact Anastasia Ziprick at 204-982-8228 or email her at 

Please let us know if you have a planned gift in your will.

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