A Capital Campaign for Shelter Re-Development

“It’s Time”

Just a quick walk in and around Main Street Project’s current facilities will reveal a marked need for a new, expanded, state-of-the-art low barrier shelter for downtown Winnipeg. On a daily basis, we hear about and see first-hand the impacts of increased meth use and public intoxication in Winnipeg. The collective outcry for a new shelter space incorporating Main Street Project’s people-centered model, working with those who are experiencing mental health and addictions related issues has never been stronger. From the Federal Government to community resident associations and individuals are touched by these issues, the support for such a facility has grown exponentially.

Contribute to the Campaign

In 2016, Main Street Project’s Board and Management team undertook the development of a five year Strategic Plan. Part of that plan was to establish clear goals and objectives for the agency, circling back to MSP’s vision: providing a safe place for everyone to be and their right to self-determination.

In our current Emergency Shelter facility, this goal has become increasingly difficult to fulfill. Every night we provide shelter for 85 people in 2100 square feet of space divided into two zones. Those individuals are on the floor sleeping on mats. Along with sharing tight quarters, they have access to just one shower, two wash sinks and three toilets.

Shelter & Drop In Numbers

clients per night on mats

Up to 20 redirects

clients on mats during the day

clients access drop in every day

With all of these numbers and evidence in mind, we are proud to unveil our campaign geared to creating a new shelter space and a sustainable future for MSP and our programming. The basis of “It’s Time” is a new and redeveloped shelter space to be located in the Mitchell Fabrics Building.

This space is 36,000 square feet in size and will accommodate up to 150 beds located in designated areas that promote safety and reflect different levels of acuity. Instead of a mat on the floor, clients will have access to a semi-private or private sleep pod. There will be increased access to bath and/or shower facilities, laundry facilities, brightly lit common areas and storage areas which can be secured for safekeeping of clothes and personal possessions.

The role of the new shelter is to accommodate those who face housing barriers every day, including individuals and families at-risk of or experiencing homelessness, Indigenous peoples who have experienced direct or inter-generational trauma from residential schools, people with disabilities, women in the sex trade, women who are victims of domestic violence, young adults aging out of the child welfare system, seniors, veterans and newcomers to Canada. Included as well will be access to transitional housing and related supports.

In addition, the Main Street Project Shelter will provide short term housing support to families from northern communities seeking healthcare and other supports within the urban Winnipeg Centre.

The non-residential space will provide food services and a 24-hour cafeteria, as well as gathering and meeting spaces. The facility will also house an Indigenous healing circle space and smudging area. We envision unique family suites to allow family reconciliation. Additionally, the common area will include an art/activity centre. The mezzanine portion of space will house primary care treatment rooms, counselling rooms and quiet spaces as well as some administrative office space.

If you have questions about how to support this important initiative, please contact Anastasia Ziprick at 204-982-8228.

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