Starting tomorrow, Main Street Project is kicking off their annual fundraising campaign, Into the Cold. This year’s campaign is particularly important as we seek to continue our mission of providing support and resources to those experiencing homelessness, addiction, and mental health challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the type of front-line services we provide and why you should donate! Each program has a team and a page for you to give.

Click below for each team’s fundraising page and read their bios!

Emergency shelter team:

As Winnipeg’s low-barrier emergency shelter, we offer a 24/7 drop-in space in a vital area in our community. Low barrier means that MSP doesn’t require abstinence or sobriety as a condition to receive services. This is very important for many folks in Winnipeg who may need to access shelter and who use substances. 

We adjust our operations based on what community tells us they need, such as allowing individuals to sleep through transition periods when they need that support that day. Our operations are also vital for providing warmth to those living “in the cold” this winter! 

Through the work of our front-line team, we have enabled community members to discuss events in their lives, how they felt, what lead to those hardships, and when things went wrong and provide community members a route to use our other front-line services. We give room for our community to be human when the world around us expects more and more from us. 

We do important work for our folks, and we take pride in trying to improve our front-line operations, and we hope you are a big part of it! 

Case Management team:

Our team works diligently with individuals to set goals and connect them connect with the proper supports such as getting to appointments, securing housing, moving in, preventing evictions and more. 

Case management at MSP is a collaborative program that works with other areas in our organization, from outreach to on-site services at the shelter, the two withdrawal management facilities, and mobile community outreach supports. 

The role of our Case Managers is to support participants in navigating the systems needed to achieve their goals. Case Managers act as both advocates and connectors between participants and resources. Throughout their work, Case Managers strive to empower participants to build health and independence. 

Our team’s objective is to support people in setting and achieving goals, and you can support us by donating and helping us continue working on the front-lines!

Housing team:

Our housing services program offers a living setting, facilitating a community environment for individuals entering from a variety of backgrounds and places, including encampments and shelters. 

Individuals in our Housing programs have access to our front-line services and volunteer opportunities, both within MSP and externally. Through community programming, our community members gain a sense of individuality through our services and experiences. We strive to prepare our tenants for a strong exit into a larger community. 

We work to provide and maintain services for people through PPE administration; whether that be through temperature and wellbeing checks and sending symptomatic people to isolation and increased cleanliness. In an environment in which members prosper on connections, we take pride in creating relationships with our community members. 

Our front-line team works to provide and maintain services for many individuals, and support and donations will continue to allow us to offer our work! 

Van Outreach team:

We’re the mobile community outreach team that provides services and support through a harm reduction approach. Our Van Outreach front-line team operates 24/7/365. We offer city-wide, life-saving support to community members. 

Our outreach team works collaboratively with the other agencies to streamline outreach services, ensure proper coverage, and reduce duplication. 

The MSP Van outreach program is vital for the Winnipeg’s response to emerging issues regarding homelessness. We respond to those in need with care and compassion, establish relationships, and connect people to services to ensure people are safe. 

In the colder months, like the one we are experiencing, we’re a critical lifeline for individuals who often endure frostbite and hypothermia, which can often lead to death.  

The team provides front-line support to affected community members like transportation to our emergency shelter, clothing, food, water, and warmth. Your donation will help us help more people! 

Withdrawal Management team:

Our program is a leader in providing services to people looking for assistance with managing substance use. Having front-line access to these services is important for Manitobans who desire help. 

We lead in our community in providing withdrawal management services to men, women, and non-binary individuals looking for guidance in managing substance use. Our withdrawal management services are essential to our community members struggling with addiction and homelessness. 

MSP provides the means necessary for individuals pausing from substance use in two facilities, one for men and non-binary individuals and another for women and non-binary individuals. Both locations provide 24-hour support, and everyone must be evaluated and cleared by a primary health care provider before admission. The service is available at no cost to the individual. 

Nursing and support staff do regular check-ins with folks regarding their plans, goals and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and create individualized care plans to support and guide individual recovery – whether it is reducing harm or continuing treatment if abstinence is the goal. 

We always receive tremendous support and responses from the people we assist, and that isn’t possible without support from you. 

Admin/Volunteer team:

Our admin team is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities. With a diverse range of experiences, we work tirelessly to bring MSP’s mission to life. Whether it’s managing finances, or people, coordinating events, or building partnerships, our team is driven by a commitment to excellence and a desire to create real, lasting change like Into the Cold 2023! 

Our team also boasts a dedicated group of front-line volunteers who provide consistent support to Winnipeg’s community members. Behind-the-scenes, we help various other programs with meals, sorting shelves, and maintaining clothing and hygiene supplies. 

Volunteers work in all our front-line programs, helping to hand out meals, clothing, and hygiene supplies while developing relationships with community members. Volunteers also lend their hands in our Withdrawal Management Services and transitional and supportive housing programs.  

This year we expanded our admin/volunteer team and outreach, and with your support, we can help more front-line services and reach our fundraising goal! 

Special Operations team:

Our Special Operations Team, consisting of our Food and Maintenance staff, will benefit from your donations! We pride ourselves on providing nutritious meals on the front-lines knowing the positive effect that it can have on one’s day.  

With an incredible team of food service staff, dedicated volunteers, a maintenance team, and ongoing donations through from the community of generous Winnipeggers, we can be creative without spending very much while taking in nutritious foods that otherwise would end up in the landfill.  

Our Maintenance team takes care of our buildings, and our buildings are well-used!  Normal “wear and tear” with the volume of people we serve is different and can be very challenging. This dedicated team is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of our many community facilities.  Their commitment to excellence keeps our facilities running at their best, allowing us to focus on serving our community. 

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