Thank you to Victoria Hospital Foundation (VHF) for funding our technology this past year!

In the past, we haven’t fully developed or sought funding for technology. So, as part of our 5-year strategic plan, we prioritized this work because it’s vital to our operations. 

The funding from VHF is an investment in the work we do at Main Street Project. The tech has increased the efficiency of MSP’s systems, programs, and services, and has put on a path to ensure we have a concrete tech strategy in place. 

As part of our 5-Year Strategic Plan, and thanks to VHF, we’ve made a substantial effort to include technological funding into one of our four objectives: 

Strengthen the Organization by Improving Infrastructure, Technology, and Processes.

Technology is an essential and necessary tool for MSP. The funding has immediately improved tech. To put it bluntly, if our tools don’t work we can’t do our jobs properly!  

At a higher level, the funding provided by VHF helps us get closer to our objective goals we are committed to:

  • Improve documentation, data collection, data management, and outcomes reporting
  • Develop and implement a Main Street Project file management system with file standards for each type of file (paper and electronic) across Main Street Project

Our goal with technological funding was simple: to improve in an area we’ve underinvested in and to continue functioning effectively in the community we serve. We’ve made technological funding a priority in our organization. We are committed to improving our data collection and reporting. We want to enhance the knowledge and service excellence of MSP. We want our buildings and equipment to last as long as possible and better plan for maintenance, updates, improvements, and replacement through longer-term planning. The funding from VHF will help us reach our goals.

Our staff and volunteers primarily use the technology, but our community members feel its impact the most. The folks that use our programs and services are among the most marginalized citizens in our city. We support people that use substances, have compromised mental wellness, experience homelessness, and have other health conditions, from brain injuries to chronic disease. 

Historically, we have not been a data-driven organization. We lacked a data-loving culture within the organization. We needed to change. So, we developed the plan, and thanks to VHF, we’re continuing to move forward in our mission and vision.

If you’d like to read our entire 5-Year Strategic Plan and further understand how this funding from VHF improves our technology and correlates with our 5-Year Strategic Plan, click here.

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